When you are first learning to play hockey, there are so many things to remember — starting with improving your skills and finding a team. But once you do that, you may want to play in your first hockey tournament. But how do you do that?

Join Your League Team

Finding a hockey team to play on may be the most difficult thing you can do when learning to play adult hockey. If you got lucky and joined a draft league or were asked on a team with very new skills, then that is one big hurdle down.

But now that you have that team, let them know you’d love to go to a tournament and if they ever sign up for one, you’d like to be on the roster.

Speak Up

And speaking of, no one will know you want to play unless you have spoken up. I have been asked maybe once or twice to join a hockey tournament team without saying anything — but it doesn’t always happen, especially if you’re brand new at playing hockey. Listen to conversations, recommend hockey tournaments, and make sure everyone knows that you are ready and willing to play and travel with them when they go.

Create Your Own Team

There are so many hockey tournaments every year, and teams from all across the country are traveling to them all the time. If all else fails, create your own team. That is the best way to assure you will be going, and you will likely have no problem finding an entire team.

Hockey players will travel and pay money just for the chance to play hockey. Do your research and find a good tournament, whether it’s local or travel, and start asking people to join you.

Play as a Free Agent

If you find a tournament you really want to play in, but cannot find anyone to play with you — reach out to the tournament organizers. There are a lot of times they will either have a free agent team or one of the teams already signed up could not find enough players. This is not always the case — but it cannot hurt to reach out and see if anyone needs another player. Whether it’s because they need a specific position (forward, defense, goalie) or just another warm body on the ice to meet the minimum number of players, there is a chance most tournaments can find a place for you.

Playing in your first hockey tournament is a fun experience, and there are enough tournaments out there, it should be easy to find one to play in — when you are ready.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on finding your first tournament!



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I would recommend going to a local store the first time you buy skates and a stick to make sure you have the right sizes. But after that, you can buy in many hockey stores online.

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